FO: Alianna’s Quilt

I was sick last week Thursday. Well, I thought I was sick, turns out it was just the worst cramps of my whole life. TMI, I know. Anyway. Once my Advil kicked in, after I slept in till noon, I decided that I was gonna finish Alianna’s quilt. All that remained was binding. And thanks to this awesome tutorial, I could do it using overhang from my backing.

A little pinning…

Alianna's Quilt being pinned

Okay, a lot of pinning…

Alianna's Quilt being pinned

Toss it in the wash and you get…

Alianna's Quilt by captain sharmie

A quilt! A finished one! My first finished one!

Alianna's Quilt by captain sharmie

I took some pictures outside in the garden at my parents’ place in Toronto. It’s a beautiful garden with lots of stuff to look at. I spent many an afternoon as a preteen (we moved there when I was 11 or 12) playing games and tending flowers.

Alianna's Quilt by captain sharmie

Looking at these pictures reminds me that Alianna will have this quilt forever… Even if it gets lost or damaged it is still a tangible part of her childhood. I hope she ties it to happy family memories, knowing that she has the biggest family, and that we all love her dearly.

Alianna's Quilt by captain sharmie

The little bundles, the quilt for my niece and the mug rug for my sister-in-law, look so cute together in the sun. I just wanted to take pictures of them all day.

Alianna's Quilt by captain sharmie

But eventually I had to go inside to get ready for the party. And it was a great day, full of family and food and celebration. A little bittersweet, because we were missing someone important. But as long as we remember that she’s there in spirit, we can continue to celebrate the good times we have together.

Alianna's Quilt by captain sharmie

Happy Birthday, Alianna. May it be the first of a hundred happy celebrations on your day of birth.

I am linking my first finished quilt to a couple other blogs! This is my first time doing something like this, so please, be gentle.

          June Finishes

24 responses to “FO: Alianna’s Quilt

  1. A precious little quilt for a first time finish. I see more lovely quilts in your future. Congrats!

  2. very pretty piece….thanks for stopping by by blog for a visit…hope you’ll come back

  3. Lovely, Sharmie! Congratulations. Your niece will adore her quilt.

  4. Your first finish looks much prettier than the first finish I ever had! I’m sure your niece will love it for a long time.

    • Thanks! I did (mostly) finish another top before this one. It’s more impressive but also less impressive? I mean it looks nice until you realize that all the blocks are a different size and none of the squares in the blocks match up, but I don’t care much. Anyway, thank you for commenting! I appreciate it. :)

  5. What a sweet quilt! You must be thrilled with it! I quilted my first quilt today (need to do the binding next) and I was over the moon!

    • thank you! i am extremely happy. I went home and showed it off to my moms and brother and was just pretty ridiculous about it. Haha.

      Wait, you’re a Captain and a new quilter? Clearly we are meant to be blog buddies! I look forward to seeing your first quilt when it’s done (it is much more impressive than mine!), I bet it will be well received.

  6. Oh it’s beautiful!! So sweet :) I’m sure it will be very muchly treasured!

  7. Your first quilt! How sweet! It looks like you did a good job matching the seams – I’m sure it will be treasured.

  8. Congrats on your first quilt! You’ll remember that one forever. Such a sweet quilt, I’m sure it will be a treasured part of her life.

  9. Very nice quilt. It looks great. Keep up the good work. Your niece will love it.

  10. Aww, that is a really beautiful first quilt! A very sweet blog post, too. I think that will all my baby quilt gifts.
    Pat yourself on the back, you done good!

  11. A first quilt is always special. Congratulations!

  12. Wow! That is a really amazing quilt for such a special occasion! I love it! Every bit of it! The narrow yellow stripe on the back and as the binding is just perfect! I hope your niece loved it! Congrats on an awesome finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

    • thank you so much! i am rather excited for when i can get some good pictures of her with it. thanks for stopping by! hopefully i will have another finish soon for another linkup :)

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