dun dun dun, quilting dreams!

Dun dun dun, peacock quilting dreams. The last 30 seconds of this clip (or the whole thing,  whatever) will explain if you don’t get the reference.

I’ve been dreaming of quilting. Since Giveaway Day I’ve been longing to quilt things. I want to go fabric shopping, I want to cut strips, I want to piece blocks and most of all I want to quilt! Luckily, I just finished one. And the top for another.

But that hasn’t sated my thirst for homemade blanket art. Now that I’ve read about 75% more information about quilting than I had before I started this other quilt, I know how to do things. Like making squares line up, random scrap piecing (I wanna do that so bad), and choosing fabrics. Yeah, I’ve been spending a disgusting amount of time on fabric shopping sites which are totally dangerous to my bank account.

But while I wait to get my new sewing machine* and work furiously on my colour affection shawl**, I’m in stalemate. And since I am so thoroughly obsessed now, I’ve come up with a shortlist of quilts I’d like to make.

The images in this post are for the tutorial or pattern indicated, unless I note otherwise. I’ve posted them in an attempt to share the work I admire. If you would like me to remove any of the images because they belong to you, let me know and I’ll do it.

Rectangle Squared from Film in the Fridge
Fabric: Fat-Eighth bundle of Little Apples (still on sale for $35 at the Fat Quarter Shop!).

rectangle squared quilt

I love this pattern because it is very simple. It uses small sections of prints, but it doesn’t mash them together, there’s lots of breathing room for the adorable prints to show though, either as a cohesive collection or as individual blocks. Very excited to try it out.

Sparkle Quilt [Along] from In Color Order and Canoe Ridge Creations
Fabric: 16 FQs from my Soleil bundle. Well, 12 blue FQs, 3 of my favourite pink-based FQs that I used in Alianna’s Quilt, and 1 random high contrast fabric, just cause.

sparkle quilt diagram 4x4 blocks

At first I wanted to use my Little Apples to make this one, but then I realized that I’d rather use my Soleil fabric. I also may use this pattern for my Mom’s quilt, but I’m not sure. I love this pattern because it’s simple, easy and striking. I may deviate from my normal desire to sash everything in white and choose orange or red as my background colour. We’ll see!

Value Quilt from Sew Katie Did

value quilt in a zig zag pattern

This is a great scrap quilt, though I have been trying to find a way to use it for my vintage modern charm square. unfortunately that fabric hasn’t told me exactly what it wants to be yet, so I hold off. Maybe this will be a scrap quilt one day… There are a lot of different ways to arrange your squares in this quilt, so make sure you check out the original post for the full wow-factor.

Ron F***ing Swanson Quilt [Along] from Happy Zombie
Fabric: a whimsical white print, white solid, and I’m thinking shades of blue with a bright red binding…

the face of ron swanson from parks and recreation, as a quilt

This is the newest addition to my Quilting wishlist. The QAL started just a few days ago. And let me tell you, the desire to start on it is SO STRONG. It’s a good thing I don’t have ANY suitable fabric or I’d be skipping work to cut squares. This is probably the most difficult quilt on my list so far, but it’s fairly easy. Just hundreds of small squares sewn together to look like one of the most hilarious male characters on TV. Maybe after I make this one I’ll branch out into pixels of other geeky faces. Buffy quilt, anyone?

By the way, if you are also starting out with Quilting or need some direction or want a refresher or love reading awesome blogs, check out the (currently ongoing) Beginners Quilting Series over at Pile O’Fabric! It’s been a great help for me so far.

Pile O' Fabric

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