WIP Wednesday: Star Affection

I finished my Star Quilt Top, based on this tutorial from In Color Order. I love it so much. It’s hanging on the wall in my living room, waiting for my Singer machine to get all cleaned up so we can quilt it together.

giant star quilt top

Here it is before it was sewn together. Before I made some mistakes, haha.

star quilt blocks laid out on the floor

I’m plugging away on my Colour Affection. I’m on the 11th stripe, just about to add the red and start the short rows. Excited! I probably won’t finish this until sometime in September, but it’ll be worth it.

color affection shawl

Why yes, those are lego stitch markers…. Hope your Wednesday is going well!

Edit: I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced! :)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

4 responses to “WIP Wednesday: Star Affection

  1. Nice Color Affection! What’s your third colour? I’m currently a couple of stripes behind you, in beige, dark teal and (to come later) chocolate.

  2. love your star quilt! :)

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