WIP Wednesday – stained glass

With my Giant Star quilt top finished, but my Singer still in the shop, I’ve moved on to another quilt top. This makes 4 quilt WIPs on the go now. And I want to finish them all by summer’s end. Or at least get most of them quilted, since I won’t have as much quilting time once school starts up again.

little apples quilt

This new top is the rectangle squared pattern I blogged about earlier this month. It is way easier to make than it looks! The hardest part is remembering to cut the strips the right size. I still have 9 blocks left to sew together, waiting to become rows 7 and 8 of the quilt.

little apples quilt in progress

I’m using my Little Apples far eighth bundle. It’s perfect for this pattern. I didn’t use all the cuts from it yet, but I may add more depending on the size I get once I’m done the inital blocks. It’s looking like it’ll be 8×8. The original is 5×7, so 8×8 seems a good size for me. I want a bed quilt, but I don’t need it to hang over the sides of my double bed a lot, as I sleep all curled up in a nest of blankets.

little apples quilt in progress

This pattern reminds me of comic books. It actually makes me want to make a comic book page quilt, with comic inspired prints and lots of block styles. But for now I’ll settle for the story I made up about the little girl.

little apples quilt in progress

The girl in the red coat travels through time and space, befriending others wherever she goes. She visits the same forest filled with little apples over the years, and sometimes she is alone, but other times she’s with friends. She carries the little apples with her to remember her friends from every time period, and keeps the gifts of clothes they give her. She’s a tiny time lord…

little apples quilt top in progress

I have also just started the short rows on my Color Affection! I am so excited. Every red stripe drives me into a frenzy.

color affection shawl

While I was tagging this pictures on flickr I noticed something… the colours match! Red, white, aqua? I think it’s quickly becoming my favourite combo…

color affection shawl in progress

Edited to add: Oops, I almost forgot! Linking up with Wip Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

18 responses to “WIP Wednesday – stained glass

  1. The color combinations of both projects are favorites of mine. There’s something about aqua and red mixed with white and/or grey that is just beautiful.

    • i love red a lot lately, but aqua is a sort of blue that i was never really into… till now! it’s part of what drew me to the little apples fabric in the first place.

  2. The fabric patterns you are using on the quilt look great. You’re right about the red – it really pops against the aqua.

  3. Cindy @ In A Stitch

    Wonderful, wonderful fabrics. Great Job!

  4. Fabric Fascination

    I agree about your quilt have the look of a comic strip, but much prettier.

  5. Diane Chambers

    I too love the color combination a lot and bought the fat quarter bundle of the little apples line. I noticed immediately the knitting colors were the same even before you pointed it out! I am a knitter as well and do find that when I like a color combination in appears in my different crafts. We are alike in that respect so it seems. Sometimes I notice I even am wearing, purely by chance, the colors I am working with that day! I have plans to use a pattern by A Quilter’s Dream, possibly A-Mazed, for my Little Apples fat quarter bundle. Check it out… http://www.aquiltersdream.com/A-Mazed_p_180.html

    • that thing with the clothes happens to me too! when i chose the colours for my shawl i held them up at knit night for approval and everyone started laughing. well i looked down and realized they matched my outfit exactly. whoops! :)

      love that quilt pattern! you’ll have to use the fabrics with a lot of contrast, like white versus green and aqua versus red. but the maze is so cool!

  6. Diane Chambers

    Whoops, forgot to add- I really do love your pattern choice for the LIttle APples fabric line. I am anxious to see it all assembled without that little bit of spacing between blocks. The secondary patterns really show up then. I may very well use your idea. Thanks you for sharing it! Imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all. :•)

    • thanks so much. :) i can’t wait until I get a chance to square up the blocks and add the sashing. i just finished the last blocks last night, and once i get the last couple rows laid out I can get to work on assembling. but that won’t be till at least next week.

      the more the merrier, i always say! our quilts will look similar but not the same, and the more people that get to enjoy the pattern the better. besides, i didn’t make it up, just chose the fabric. i’d love to see your version, if you decide to do it!

  7. It looks fantastic!

  8. What a terrific design for that fabric line!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I NEVER get sick of aqua an red. I love the quilt and I agree about it being like a comic book, especially with that great black sashing. I think designing a comic book inspired block would be a really great idea!

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