FO(s): batPod & elephant mug rug

Bear with me, I’m posting from the iPad, and the formatting is not as nice as it is normally. I may edit the photos in this post later if they don’t come out looking as good!

I recently picked up my new (old) sewing machine from triangle sewing centre. It was all oiled up and ready for sewing! I got to know it by fixing a pair of shorts, and then I got into some more complicated stuff.


First, I made my mom a mug rug for her birthday.


I cut out a bit of this pretty elephant fabric and echo quilted around the octagon shape. It was a nice, easy, and rather speedy project.


I backed it in this cool orangey painting fabric I got from Paula at the yarn store. It’s bound I some leftover soleil fabric from my niece’s quilt.

Next, I made a case for my iPad. I did extensive research on tutorials and decided on this one from One Shabby Chick.


I used most of the rest of my batman fabric and I looooove it! I quilted it in a grid, which I think works really well with the fabric.


I used a button instead of Velcro because I didn’t have any. I think it looks good.


I lined it with this aviary damask fabric. It doesn’t quite match, but I love it, and that’s the whole point of this thing. The back is pretty nice too.


I’m thinking of making another one already, this time with the TARDIS on the back. I found a pattern for a paper pieced block and I think this is the perfect chance to test it.

One response to “FO(s): batPod & elephant mug rug

  1. I think I have fallen in love with that elephant fabric :)

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